Minimalist Web Design

These days modern web design and development are borrowing more from a minimalist ideology of negative space, focused user interaction, and simplistic interfaces and user experience. Why? This article explores some of the reasons for this important shift.

When it comes to minimalism, don’t think it’s easier just because it’s simpler. Because there are fewer elements, you must provide the same level of usability (perhaps even better) with less interface. To balance aesthetics with functionality, minimalist Web design is defined by fearless use of space, stunning visuals, striking typography, and an overall focus on the content itself – and nothing else.

We call these techniques the pillars of minimalism, and below we’ve listed the seven most helpful based on our experiences building and appreciating websites. It’s no surprise that minimalism is becoming a popular style today – it correlates directly with many of the modern web design trends, which you’ll also recognize below.

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