Web Design is NOT Dead

Let’s face it – Mobile has become a dominant force for information on the web. Apps, app stores, multi-touch OS, responsive design – these are new key metrics in the ever-morphing screen size landscape. But the question remains – is traditional web design (websites in a browser) dead? I would argue no.

Although traditional notions of how websites / web design deliver information have undoubtedly changed (advent of social media integration, apps, mobile platforms etc.), web design still offers a uniquely open source, widely available, and free transaction of information. I would also strongly argue in favor a web design still offering the best foundation to support a business in which other eco-systems (mentioned above) still rely.

For an interesting article on this subject visit UX Magazine’s article   [bra_button text=”Web Design is NOT Dead, You’re Just Talking About it Wrong” url=”https://uxmag.com/articles/web-design-is-not-dead-youre-just-talking-about-it-wrong” target=”_blank” size=”medium” style=”rectangle” color=”blue”]