What’s eating the drive space on your Mac?

Lets face it, we all have tons of accumulated data lurking around our Macs. Some here, some there – mostly everywhere. As cloud services become more ubiquitous is local data storage as necessary? Music, documents, video, all of it – everywhere. But the question is – where exactly is it?, and why did my hard drive go from a million terabytes to only a few?

While working on your Mac you create and download a lot of files, but rarely delete anything. As time goes by you have less and less room for your data. Install a larger disk if you have a few hundred dollars to spare or pay monthly fee for cloud storage. Or get DaisyDisk at a fraction of the price and get room for your data by removing old junk you unlikely even thought you had.

Daisy Disk is a visually impressive and great app at doing just that – giving you a pie-chart like visual cue for where all your data resides. With a slick interface and animation feedback you can explore infinite levels deep of OS X and find that forgotten 2GB video file and reclaim that space back. It has scanning capability for any drive connected to your Mac.

Some of the features that caught our eye most:

gives you a perfect overview of all the disks connected to your Mac
list and disk usage gauges are updated in real time
visual interactive map
preview content and delete if you don’t need it anymore.

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